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Kamloops bus driver "kidnaps" passengers, mild amusement ensues

A bus driver in Kamloops has found himself in a bit of a pickle after a video bizarrely entitled "Kamloops BC Transit Driver Kidnaps Passengers" made it's way on to youtube.

The video's author states the driver passed a couple of stops then headed straight to the bus exchange and locked the doors, not allowing the two passengers to leave, then took a photo of one lady on the bus. 

He mentions that the driver made a comment indicating that the lady had been angry at him a few weeks ago.

There's really not much to go on here. As with most cases of odd things like this there's much more to the story that hasn't been revealed. Whatever the circumstances, it doesn't seem like the driver handled that situation too well.

Kamloops news is reporting that the driver has been suspended. Probably the only thing they could do under the circumstances until they get to the bottom of this little mess.

And really, it's only a little mess. That video, while bizzare, is pretty tame by today's YouTube standards.

Let's hope it all gets worked out and everyone involved grows and becomes a little less silly as a result.

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