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Buses allowed through Robson Square for the winter

Robson square will allow buses again as of this Saturday. No reports on why, but it's only temporary - the square will be people-only again come summer.

In the mean time, I'm sure a lot of inner city busers will be celebrating not having to take a crazy convoluted route around. Nothing worse than having your commute delayed!

The same's not to be said for everyone else though, as 77% of people responding to a recent online poll are keen to keep it pedestrian only. Hopefully those whose commute is interrupted will realise it's for a good cause in this case. Nice to have a bit of a traffic free zone.

Personally, I'm wondering if this is the reason TransLinks's reported bus routes occasionally don't line up with where the buses actually are.

City staff look likely to do some more talking about which was to go come July.

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