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Robson square will allow buses again as of this Saturday. No reports on why, but it's only temporary - the square will be people-only again come summer.

In the mean time, I'm sure a lot of inner city busers will be celebrating not having to take a crazy convoluted route around. Nothing worse than having your commute delayed!

The same's not to be said for everyone else though, as 77% of people responding to a recent online poll are keen to keep it pedestrian only. Hopefully those whose commute is interrupted will realise it's for a good cause in this case. Nice to have a bit of a traffic free zone.

Personally, I'm wondering if this is the reason TransLinks's reported bus routes occasionally don't line up with where the buses actually are.

City staff look likely to do some more talking about which was to go come July.

A bus driver in Kamloops has found himself in a bit of a pickle after a video bizarrely entitled "Kamloops BC Transit Driver Kidnaps Passengers" made it's way on to youtube.

The video's author states the driver passed a couple of stops then headed straight to the bus exchange and locked the doors, not allowing the two passengers to leave, then took a photo of one lady on the bus. 

He mentions that the driver made a comment indicating that the lady had been angry at him a few weeks ago.

There's really not much to go on here. As with most cases of odd things like this there's much more to the story that hasn't been revealed. Whatever the circumstances, it doesn't seem like the driver handled that situation too well.

Kamloops news is reporting that the driver has been suspended. Probably the only thing they could do under the circumstances until they get to the bottom of this little mess.

And really, it's only a little mess. That video, while bizzare, is pretty tame by today's YouTube standards.

Let's hope it all gets worked out and everyone involved grows and becomes a little less silly as a result.

Exciting times! 

There's My Bus! can now be tried out by anyone via the web app.

The response from reddit made my heart melt. So glad you guys like it. The feedback was awesome, and so was the vibe. Many thanks to everyone that chimed in.

I'll be doing my best to incporporate as many suggestions as I can manage before we launch (for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone 8 all at once if things go well).

And when it's launched I'll be giving a copy to everyone that posted in that thread, as well as a bunch more. 

It's the best I can do to repay everyone for the amount of grins I was wearing that day.

Amazing redditer bob_newman posted this great tip in /r/Vancouver:

So I'm sure you've had to deal with those annoying doors that won't open, no matter how hard you push them. Then you have to yell "back door" to the driver. We've all been there. What if I told you that you don't even need to touch the doors at all?
I've known about this trick for a while, yet I've never seen anybody do it. Those doors aren't touch-activated, there are actually a couple motion sensors above the door. They're those white circles under the green light. Just wave your hand under the circles and the doors will open. The only time they won't open is when the green light doesn't come on, in which case you'll have to let the driver know.
Spread the word!

There's more great tips and info in the thread. Many thanks to Timmyc62 for explaining how the sensors work (it's not magic, apparently).

Most of my busing around Vancouver has been in the old style press-this-bar-to-open buses. Great to hear that I can avoid being the socially awkward penguin when I run into one of the newer ones.